Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Goals - Spiritual, Business, Financial & Personal

My 2008 Goals

1) Pray the Rosary 4x each week
2) Pray with my wife in some fashion 5x each week
3) Receive the Sacrament of Confession twice a month
4) Complete coursework on Catholic history

1) Institute a strong direct sales channel at my current employer
2) Receive a ranking in the top 10% of all employees in my peer group
3) Implement a strong succession plan, both for myself and the next layer of employees
4) Recruit aggressively from my alma mater, resulting in at least 2 job acceptances

1) Save $55,000
2) Contribute $30,000 to charitable causes
3) Attain a net worth of $900,000
4) Spend < $3,500 per month (excluding savings & charitable giving)
5) Establish a solid "finish line" for net worth (adjusted annually for inflation)

1) Exercise 4x per week
2) Achieve 200 lb. weight goal
3) Read a book every week
4) Blog at least once a week (given the sporadic nature of my blog so far, you may consider this a stretch goal)

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