Friday, January 11, 2008

2007 Goal Setting Redux - How'd I do?

I just realized that I posted my goals for 2007 on this very blog. Hooray! Let's see how I did...

2007 Goals


1) Turnaround a large money-losing division within my company, making it profitable

Well, kind of. I left before I got the see the exciting conclusion, but it was certainly on that pathway. I'll take this as a partial achievement.

2) Attain the highest PE rating for year-end performance

I left mid-year, so it's hard to say what my rating would have been. The top rating is for the top 5% in the company... feasible, but I wouldn't say it was a slam dunk. I'll give myself a partial victory here too.

3) Mentor at least one other individual, whether inside or outside my current company

Slam dunk victory. I mentored TWO people within my company and another TWO outside. I still talk with all four of them on a regular basis, and know that I've contributed in a tangible way with at least three of the four. The fourth is doing well, but I'm not sure she wouldn't have done all those things even without my advice... I think I make a better sounding board than anything.

4) Find a mentor and talk with him at least once a month

Miserable failure. Not only did I not talk to my mentor... I didn't even HAVE a mentor. I did acquire a spiritual advisor, but since my move that relationship has stalled as well.

5) Achieve promotion to Senior Director, AVP or similar title OR attain a C-level position with a smaller company

Unfortunately, a failure. I'm still a Director, and although I'm doing well in the compensation department YOY, much of that was from my previous (as opposed to current) position.


1) $900,000 net worth

Not even close. $775,000 and change. My net worth goal for this year is, ironically, $900,000. Hey, maybe I'll get it this time. ;)

2) $0 in debt

Hey, success! I have no debt... and no plans to go back into debt. Ever.

3) $200,000 in income from all sources (Day job, consulting, rental income, anything else)

Also a solid victory. Total income from all sources this year was $246,000. I won't achieve that next year without some big help, which is why I dropped my 2008 goal to $200,000.

4) Save 50% of my Net Spendable Income, defined as Income less Tithes & Taxes. Acceptable savings categories: Cash Reserves, 401K, Roth/Traditional IRA, College 529 Plans, Taxable Index Fund accounts

I came close. I ended up saving 44% of my Net Spendable Income. Although not technically a success, I'm thrilled that I'm able to save $4 out of every $9 that I can chose to do something with. Next year, 50% is back in my sights.

5) $50,000 cash reserve

Right on target. I have about $54,000 in cash reserves right now. I'd eventually like to grow that to about $100,000, but until I have a hefty net worth, I'll stick with what I've got.

6) Give >15% of gross income to charity

I overachieved here, giving almost 22% of my gross income to charity. I am fortunate in that I love to give and get excited thinking about people who will benefit from a small dollop of money that wouldn't do much to modify my standard of living.


I didn't post my goals last year out of a desire not to offend. Well, offensensitivity is out the window this year! Check out my 2008 goals to see what I've put on the Big Board for the coming 12 months.


1) Be home for dinner 4 nights out of every 5 working nights

Without a doubt, the biggest failure on the chart. And that's saying something. If I get home one night a week at dinner time, it's a miracle.

2) Spend time with each member of my family every day

This was a success. In fact, given the extra time I've focused on spending with my boys and wife every day, I'd say it was an exceptional success. I love my family, so again.. not a real struggle.

3) Weight: 200 pounds

Har! I just took a physical last week. Weight: 225 pounds. Pfffft.

4) Take my wife out on a date at least twice a month

Interestingly, this was a modest success. For background, I noticed that back in '03 (right after Child # 1) we had only taken 6 dates all year, so I decided to work on that. We had a decent babysitter in Virginia and are now getting settled with 2 new ones here in our new digs (hooray!). I think we'll be on track for 2008 too.

5) Read at least two books a week

Meh, too hard given the other goals. I average just under a book a week, so I made a book-a-week goal one of my 2008 specials (I read about 45 books last year).

6) Exercise at least four nights a week for at least 45 minutes per exercise session

Well, hope springs eternal. I'd say I hit about 2 nights a week. I have since bought an elliptical trainer and am averaging... 2 nights per week. Grrr. Must. Try. Harder.

Well, overall... a mixed bag. But then again, I try to put pretty tough goals so that even if I fail I feel a reasonable sense of accomplishment. I'm also reconsidering some of the '08 goals I had to tie them to some of these non-attained '07 goals.

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