Friday, March 2, 2007

Goal Setting - 2007

I've set goals for myself every year since 2001, when I read somewhere (the source escapes me) that folks who have written goals have a very high degree of business success.

Since then, I've expanded the concept to include multiple goal types:
  1. Business - All job-related goals
  2. Financial - If it deals with my money or financial condition, it goes here
  3. Spiritual - Goals related to deepening my relationship with God
  4. Personal - Anything else not covered in #1-3

While I also write 3, 5 and 10 year goals, my 2007 goals are below.

2007 Goals


  1. Turnaround a large money-losing division within my company, making it profitable
  2. Attain the highest PE rating for year-end performance
  3. Mentor at least one other individual, whether inside or outside my current company
  4. Find a mentor and talk with him at least once a month
  5. Achieve promotion to Senior Director, AVP or similar title OR attain a C-level position with a smaller company


  1. $900,000 net worth
  2. $0 in debt
  3. $200,000 in income from all sources (Day job, consulting, rental income, anything else)
  4. Save 50% of my Net Spendable Income, defined as Income less Tithes & Taxes. Acceptable savings categories: Cash Reserves, 401K, Roth/Traditional IRA, College 529 Plans, Taxable Index Fund accounts
  5. $50,000 cash reserve
  6. Give >15% of gross income to charity


Since many folks get squeamish about religious talk, I'll demur for now. I hope to come back a little later and link here to those who'd like to discuss.


  1. Be home for dinner 4 nights out of every 5 working nights
  2. Spend time with each member of my family every day
  3. Weight: 200 pounds
  4. Take my wife out on a date at least twice a month
  5. Read at least two books a week
  6. Exercise at least four nights a week for at least 45 minutes per exercise session

What do you think? Too many goals? Where are the blind spots in my goal-setting that I need to focus upon more closely?

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