Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fund-Raising vs. Faith-Raising

Taken from the Presentation Ministries web site.

"Did you ever notice that most churches are constantly raising funds instead of raising faith?

Churches usually trivialize or even prostitute themselves. They get into hard-core compulsive behavior, such as promoting gambling and drinking alcohol. They also try "Mickey Mouse" fund-raising such as car washes, bake sales, magazine sales, penny raffles, etc.

Can you imagine Jesus raffling off a ham at the beer booth to cover the cost of the disciples' next trip to Jerusalem? [emphasis mine, because this made me giggle]

Is our heavenly Father a real provider or just a myth? (see Gn 22:14) Is Jesus King of kings, and are we a royal priesthood? Or is that just religious jargon?

Since we're not doing God's will, we raise these funds for a bag with holes in them (Hag 1:6). We keep raising funds, but there's never an end to it. Fund-raising gradually escalates each year while the real issue, faith, deteriorates.

Eventually we serve such things as church buildings and finances rather than serving God and His people. Caught in our own trap, we lose our way and conceal rather than reveal the gospel."

I've always believed that giving should be from the heart, and have glanced askance at (most) fundraisers, especially those selling overpriced junk ($10 tins of popcorn, anyone?!), and especially those pushed under the banner of faith-based organizations.

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Wilbrod The Gnome said...

Fundraisers serve a need, but I do agree that food, food, and food is not the best way to raise funds. I hated this even in high school.

Some ways to raise funds AND be spiritual can involve designing labrynth to walk (tape on floor) with meditation messages on the way; crop walks, TOUCHING people with the word of God through witnessing, spiritual poetry, etc.

Calling on people to participate and help with hands instead of money can also be worthwhile.